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'Are Eggs Alive'

To begin our topic ‘Are Eggs Alive?’ the Early Years children had a memorable moment day. We explored eggs, making pancakes and tasting different toppings, having pancake races and having an egg hunt to explore the different animals which hatch from eggs.

Yoga Bugs

We are very lucky to have ‘Yoga Bugs’ visit every Wednesday afternoon. Yoga Bugs helps us to relax and stay calm. Each week there is a new story which we retell through lots of different yoga positions.   

Class 1 trip to Tesco

As part of our topic ‘Why can’t we have chocolate for breakfast?’ the children learnt about where food comes from and healthy eating.  As part of this work Nursery and Class 1 visited Tesco to see the journey of food ‘From Farm to Fork’,  to find out about different types of food and where it comes from . 

Mothers Day Service

Nursery, Class 1 and Class 2 took part in a Mothers Day Service.  All mums were invited to attend and the children told them how much they loved them!!!  The children then presented their mums with a lovely plant. 

Chinese New Year

Class 1 celebrated Chinese New Year by having a go at lots of different activities. This year it is the Year of the Rooster. We tried noodles and prawn crackers, we even tried picking them up with chopsticks! In China, children get money in lucky red envelopes. We used our cutting skills to make our own envelopes and added a chocolate coin! We made Chinese fans with paper plates, glitter, paint and lolly sticks.

Nursery and Class 1's Family Morning