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Nunnington Hall Visit

Class 4's topic in the Summer term  was 'The Tudors'.  They had a great time at Nunnington Hall, finding out about the history of the house.  They got to dress up as maids and made wishes on the wishing tree.

Artists in School

Class 4 worked with community artist Bub Bacon painting plants, birds and animals that we might see in the local area.  Then Bub designed a mural with our work on to be painted on the outdoor classroom at the allotments.

In the Autumn term the children from class 4 were involved in a project funded by Tees Valley Arts to design some art work to be painted onto one of the concrete plinths at CF Fertilisers.  The children completed the work in school with artist, Adrian Moule. He made the children feel confident to draw and had some really fun ideas.  We did some sketches and learnt how to shade

The plinth was completed and the children were invited to visit CF Fertilisers to see their work and to have their photographs taken.

SITA Visit

Crucial Crew

Each year Stockton Borough Council operates a session of activities called 'Crucial Crew' targeted at 10 – 11 year olds, which is designed to help them cope with situations and learn social responsibility.  Our year 6 children took part in these activities alongside children  from other local primary schools on Thursday, 8th September 2016.

Class 4 Walk around The Clarences

As part of their topic about the local area class 4 walked to various sites around the Clarences on Tuesday, 6th September 2016. They identified local landmarks and took photographs. A sample of these are shown below.

Chinese Lanterns

Lantern Making

Class 4 were lucky enough to be invited to Tilery school to make Chinese lanterns in preparation for Chinese New Year.  They worked alongside some Year 5’s from Tilery and people from the local community.  They had a great day and made some new friends

Lantern Parade

On Thursday 4th February class 4 joined in the Lantern Parade at Tilery school.  They hopped on the coach outside of High Clarence school and arrived there at about 6.00pm.  It was dark and all the lanterns were being lit, it was an amazing sight!  There were all different shapes and sizes of lanterns including, dragonflies, monkeys, hearts and stars.  We set off on the parade snaking through Tilery to the sound of Rhythm Train’s drums.  It was fantastic!  After the parade was over we all had a well deserved cup of hot chocolate and then set off back home.

Class 3 Bedes World, Jarrow

On Wednesday 11th November 2015 class 3 visited Bede’s World in Jarrow to support our topic on Anglo Saxons. We learnt lots of new information about the Anglo Saxons and the story of Beowulf. On the morning we performed a play and dressed up as warriors and on the afternoon we got to look round the Saxon Village and farm. It was so much fun!